Triratna York Buddhist Group

Buddhist Meditation and Practice in Central York

Transforming Our Lives

Triratna Buddhist Community (York)  meeting as York Buddhist Group is a group of Buddhist friends who live locally and meet every buddhateachingWednesday in York to practise Meditation and explore Buddhism. We welcome everyone – newcomers and those who practice already. Each week we explore an aspect of the Buddha’s teaching and see how it relates in practical terms to our lives today. Together we aim to cultivate clarity, calmness, sensitivity, generosity and kindness in our lives – towards ourselves and others.

“Buddhism is not a set of theories and beliefs so much as a path of practice, and a tradition that transmits this path and makes it possible to follow it. So being a ‘Buddhist’ does not mean we have to accept a credo of beliefs, it means we are working to grow and develop, using the practical tools passed down in the Buddhist tradition.”

We teach two main meditation practices: The Mindfulness of Breathing, where we follow the breath to calm the mind and cultivate a sense of stillness, and the Metta Bhavana which helps us to cultivate kindness to ourselves and other people.

cropped-canstockphoto6565632-2.jpgWe teach the Dharma – the path to inner contentment taught by the Buddha which is just as effective today, 2500 years later, in our modern fast-moving and sometimes difficult world.

The Group is part of the worldwide Triratna Community and OrderWe are a new tradition, drawing from Buddhism as a whole and presenting the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is more accessible to many of us in the west.

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