A New Buddhist Centre for York

We are really excited to report that we are currently decorating and fitting out our own premises at 38 Gillygate York. Once lockdown eases this will be our home. There will be a small shop, a meeting room and more activities than ever. 

Please help us to make this New Centre a reality! heart-tree

Of course this move is quite costly for a small charity. We have been fortunate to receive a grant of £2000 from the supporters of Triratna’s Future Dharma Fund – 50% of what we need – but we need your help to raise the balance.

Please follow this link to donate now….


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We’re meeting virtually at the moment – you’re welcome to join us

Click here to see what we are doing online

Practising mindfulness and loving-kindness during times of crisis is ultimately what

supports us all and helps us to stay emotionally positive and to grow. We are therefore looking for ways to share practice with our community during this challenging period. So now we offer an online Sangha Night and a Saturday Morning Meditation Class for both newcomers and regulars. So we are still here – albeit in a virtual way. 

The Buddha taught that we are deeply interconnected in seen and unseen ways. This virus has affected us all and we as a community continue to send our well-wishing and care to all those throughout the world who have been severely affected by the virus.

We will post updates via our Facebook page and our newsletter (you can subscribe by following the link at the foot of this page)

With love, Dharmacarini Shakyapada

P.S.  We still rely on your dana (generosity) in these difficult times. If you are able please make a donation with your credit/debit card using the button below:

Triratna Buddhist Community (York) meeting as York Buddhist Group

We are a group of friends who live locally and meet every Wednesday to meditate and explore Buddhism. We welcome everyone over the age of 18 – newcomers and those who practice already. You don’t need to be a Buddhist.

Each week we explore an aspect of the Buddha’s teaching and see how it relates in practical terms to our lives today. Together we aim to cultivate clarity, calmness, sensitivity, generosity, and kindness in our lives – towards ourselves and others.

Some of our community

“Buddhism is not a set of theories and beliefs so much as a path of practice, and a tradition that transmits this path and makes it possible to follow it. So being a ‘Buddhist’ does not mean we have to accept a credo of beliefs, it means we are working to grow and develop, using the practical tools passed down in the Buddhist tradition.”

We teach two main meditation practices: The Mindfulness of Breathing, where we follow the breath to calm the mind and develop a sense of stillness, and the Metta Bhavana which helps us to cultivate kindness to ourselves and other people.

We teach the Dharma – the path to inner contentment taught by the Buddha 2,500 years ago, and which is even more relevant today in these turbulent and sometimes difficult times. The Dharma shows us how to change our approach to life so that we begin to find inner peace and contentment and begin to experience a deeper sense of happiness

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Triratna Buddhist Community (York) meeting as York Buddhist Group

email: enquiries@yorkbuddhistgroup.com

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