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A Culture of Generosity (dana)

York Buddhist Group is a project that is sustained by all of us. All the people who make York Buddhist Group work give their time freely – no one is paid. Sangha members have always generously provided the flowers for the shrine and coffee, tea, milk and biscuits for the break. Others raise funds or support the group in other ways. Many make regular monthly payments through a standing order. Others donate regularly through the ‘dana’ bowl (whether virtual or real).

We have no outside funding so we rely on the sangha for all our income – and, through that, the means to continue spreading the precious Dharma to others in the York area who can benefit from the Buddha’s teaching.

The Two Main Ways to Support us Financially

Give one-off donations: You can give use your credit/debit card to give via this virtual dana bowl. Some people choose to give a small amount each week, others a larger sum every so often. The amount and the timing is up to you.

Set up a Monthly Standing Order: Regular monthly donations are particularly helpful as they give us a reliable income stream which we will need to rent or buy premises in the future. No amount is too big or too small. You can set up payments through your bank online, using our bank details below.  Or, more simply, you can use the donate link above and set up a regular payment through your credit/debit card.

These are our bank details: Triodos Bank   Account Number: 21013977  Sort Code: 16 58 10  (please add your name as a reference) Please let us know when you have done this by emailing: so that we can check that everything goes through.

Many, many thanks for supporting the group in this way.













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