Day Retreats

Saturday 26th October – 10 am to 4pm

Exploring Identity

Who are we? What are we? We habitually see ourselves as solid and permanent in some way, yet we also recognise that we are changing all the time: our mental states, our bodies, and the circumstances in which we live our lives. 

During this day retreat we’ll be looking at a text from the Buddhist tradition in which Dhammadinna, one of the Buddha’s leading female disciples, talks about identity – what it is and where it comes from. We’ll be exploring how this ‘fixing’ of our self image creates suffering and difficulties in our lives and how, through greater awareness, we can begin to enjoy a more peaceful sense of being. 

The day will begin with meditation and end with a short ritual.

Open to all over 18 who meditate 
This is a dana event and there is no specific charge, however we rely on the generosity of those attending to fund our costs
Suggested donation  £15 – £25

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