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MeditatorsPractising mindfulness and loving-kindness can help us to stay emotionally positive in these uncertain and difficult times. Our aim as Buddhists is to offer a friendly, helping hand to everyone

Practising mindfulness and loving-kindness during times of crisis is ultimately what helps us all to stay emotionally positive and to grow.

In uncertain times we come into deeper contact with our inner world and our habitual responses of fear, anxiety and anger. This can be painful but it is also an opportunity to see what it is that causes us to suffer and to use the Buddha’s practical teaching to help calm our minds, cultivate kindness to ourselves and others and face the uncertainty with clarity, courage and kindness.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, York Buddhist Group will still be meeting regularly but instead of being in a physical place we’ll be practising with each other in a virtual room – a place where we can see each other, meditate together and talk about the Dharma (the Buddha’s teaching) and how it can help us to respond positively in the current situation.

Please try and find a quiet space for the class and make sure that you are sitting comfortably. For meditation it is helpful to sit on an upright chair with your feet flat on the ground.

Full details plus information on how to connect are outlined below:

Virtual Sangha Night

Every Wednesday Evening on Zoom*York Buddha
7.00pm to 9.15pm
Open to all who have attended our Newcomers’ Course

We’ll meet for the first time this evening. You can join us at any time from 6.45 and chat with others in the ‘room’. The class will begin at 7.00pm prompt with a short introduction followed by a special meditation about dealing with anxiety and uncertainty.

There will be a short break around 7.50 when you can get yourself a drink if you wish. The second part of the evening will begin at around 8.00pm when Shakyapada will relate the Parable of the Burning House. Afterwards we’ll explore this story and draw out the teaching that it contains – a teaching that is very relevant to our lives today.

*To join us you need to install Zoom on your phone, tablet or computer. This is very easy and you can find full instructions here.When you have installed Zoom simply click: and you will be transported into our virtual meeting room.
As with all our classes there is no charge but we would appreciate a small donation to support our activities. You can donate by clicking on the button at the foot of the page.

Live Online Meditation

You are also welcome to join us for Live Guided Meditations on YouTube Live (you can also watch and meditate to previous meditation sessions). Follow this link to go to our YouTube Channel


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