Sailing the Worldly Winds

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Our experience of the world is forever changing. Things can go well, and this makes us happy, joyful and content.

But sometimes things can go less well and this can lead to sadness, disappointment, frustration and even angry.

The Buddha called these ups and downs of life The Worldly Winds. And he taught a way of dealing with them that can lead to true peace and contentment – whatever might befall us in our lives.

In this four-week online course Mark and Kate will introduce you to the basics of the Buddha’s teaching:

  • How the Worldly Winds blow us around and cause us pain.
  • How to change our experience of the world
  • Natural ethics and how they can help us do this
  • How things are not as they seem – and why it is important to understand this

On this course, we’ll be looking at practical ways to cultivate true peace, so that you can be happier, kinder and more joyful –  even in a world that is often challenging and difficult to navigate.

Everyone gets an online course guide, and through workshops, talks and discussions we’ll see how we can engage with the world more positively. 

If you wish to learn meditation as well, then you are welcome to join us on Saturday mornings for our Newcomers’ Meditation Class

Everyone over 18 is welcome.

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