Regular meditators who are familiar with our two main meditation practices are very welcome to join us at our weekly Sangha Evening, every Wednesday evening, from 7.00 to 9.15 (Doors open at 6.30). We begin with meditation and after a tea break we look at some aspect of the Buddha’s teaching together. The address is: The Meeting House, Friargate, York YO1 9RL

Newcomers to meditation and Buddhism are invited to join us on one of our friendly drop-in Introductory Courses run from time to time on Wednesday evenings throughout the year. Details of current courses can be found below. Or please email us, or see our Facebook page if you need further information.

All classes (regulars and newcomers) run from 7.00pm until 9.15pm

Cost: there is no charge – we provide all classes as a practice of generosity (dana). However, room hire is a significant cost, so we ask those who are able, to make whatever contribution they can. 

For Regulars
Going Deeper in Meditation
Wednesday Evenings – 19th Sept to 17th Oct – 7.00 to 9.15
On these five evenings we’ll be exploring ways of going deeper in our regular meditation practice. We will be looking at body sensations and how these can help, exploring the dhyanic states of rapture and joy and seeing how we might experience them, and taking a creative look at loving-kindness. There will be a chance to talk about our practice with each other and listen to other peoples’ experience. We’ll also be looking at the Triratna system of practice and seeing how this can help us to transform our lives.
Open to all who practise Triratna’s two main meditation practices –  The Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana

For Newcomers
Learning to Meditate and Exploring the Buddha’s Teaching
Wednesday Evenings  from 19th Sept
(you don’t need to think of yourself as a Buddhist or wish to become a Buddhist!)

PART ONE: An Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness – 19th Sept to 17th Octzen lake

On these five Wednesday evenings we’ll be teaching two meditations – one which follows the breath and another meditation which helps us to cultivate kindness to ourselves and others. All sessions will be guided. Meditation is a very practical way to achieve more peace and contentment in our lives. More information here.

This is followed by:

PART TWO: Radical Dharma – Finding True Contentment in Life – 31st Oct to 5th Dec

cheetahBuddhism is not like other ‘religions’ – in fact some people see it more as a lifestyle than a religion. The Buddha was a human being who, by seeing the world more clearly, discovered the path to true contentment and peace . His teaching (Dharma) is even more relevant in these increasingly difficult times and in this course we will explore the very practical ways that we can make our own lives more peaceful and happier. And we’ll see how this can affect the people around us and the future course of our lives.

We’ll also be teaching meditation, so if you missed Part One, (or need a refresher) you can still catch up!

This is a drop-in course so you can join at any time and don’t need to attend every class if that is not possible. However it is best to do so if you can.

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