Regulars Sangha Night

Every Wednesday we meet as a sangha (community). We meditate in the first half of the evening and then explore a different aspect of Buddhism in the second half, following a short tea break. 

Wednesday 23rd October: Celebrating Dr. Ambedkar

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, affectionately know as Babasaheb by his followers, was one of the most remarkable men of his time. He played a key role in drafting the Indian constitution and reforming Indian society through the promotion of greater equality and rights for both the poor and women. On 14th October 1956, under his leadership. 400,000 Dalits (ex-untouchables) left the oppression of the caste system and became Buddhists. Tonight we’ll be watching a video in which Sangharakshita talks about Dr Ambedkar and his work as well as recounting his experience of the man who he met several times.


Bhante b&wWednesday 30th October: Remembering Bhante Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita died on this day one year ago. Tonight, via a live stream from Adhisthana, we’ll be watching a talk by Jnanavaca in which he will share his reflections on the significance of Bhante’s life. If there is time the evening will end with a mantra and the opportunity to make an offering to the shrine in gratitude for what he has given us.


Wednesday 6th November: Vajrasattva the great purifiervajrasattva

Vajrasattva is regarded as the archetypal “Original Buddha” who is outside both time and space and who, it is said, is pure from the beginning. So Vajrasattva  is connected with purification, especially purification from our unskilful actions. Tonight we’ll be looking at his qualities, chanting his mantra, and seeing how attention to him can help us to realise our own intrinsic purity.


Wednesday 13th November – Celebrating Sangha – an Exploration of Spiritual Friendship

canstockphoto11621080Tuesday this week is Triratna Sangha Day so tonight (a day late!) we’ll be taking a look at what spiritual community means, and in particular we’ll be looking at the importance of friendship – supporting each other in our lives and practice. What is spiritual friendship? And how do we practice it?


Wednesday 20th November: Mitra Ceremony

This is a very special and moving evening. Tonight five members of our sangha, who canstockphoto3637072 (2)have been practising for some time, will become mitras during a special ceremony. Mitra means ‘friend’. Becoming a mitra is a deepening of an individual’s friendship with the Triratna Buddhist Order which happens when commitment to Buddhist ideals and values reaches a certain level. Becoming a mitra is a significant event in our spiritual lives, so it is marked by this significant and beautiful public ceremony. Everyone is welcome.


cropped-canstockphoto6565632-2.jpgWednesday 27th November to 4th December:                 The Sublime Abodes

During these three weeks we’ll be exploring how metta, or loving kindness, transforms into compassion when it meets suffering; into sympathetic joy when it meets the happiness of others; and into equanimity when it meets both suffering and joy together. All three classes will include new meditations on each of these aspects of the Bramha Viharas or Sublime Abodes.


Wednesday 18th December: Winter Solstice Pujasnowbuddhas

In this, our final session of the year, we will be doing a special solstice puja – a ritual to the fading of the light and the awakening towards Spring that will occur in a few days time. You are invited to bring small seasonal, natural objects to offer to the shrine.


There are no classes over the holidays – we meet again on 8th January 2020  

These are a friendly, relaxed evenings suitable for those with all levels of experience. Everyone over 18 is welcome. There is no set charge but if you are able we invite you to make a donation as a contribution to the cost of the room


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