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Please note: There is no class during week commencing 27th May. Normal activities resume on 4th May

Every week we meditate in the first half of the evening and then explore a different aspect of Buddhism in the second half, following a short tea break


The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path

The paths of Vision and Transformation

Wednesday 22nd May for nine weeks 

Traditionally this is one of the Buddha’s very first teachings which he gave to a group of five friends shortly after his awakening. It is a very clear and practical method with which we can use as a means of transforming ourselves and our own lives. It consists of eight ‘limbs’ rather than eight consecutive steps meaning that we practise them all, going deeper and deeper with each as time passes.  

These eight are Perfect Vision (the Path of Vision) and Perfect Emotion, Perfect Speech, Perfect Action, Perfect Livelihood, Perfect Effort, Perfect Awareness and Perfect Samahdi. (All of which comprise the Path of Transformation)

This series ends on 17th July. All Welcome

These are a friendly, relaxed evenings suitable for those with all levels of experience. Everyone over 18 is welcome. There is no set charge but if you are able we invite you to make a donation as a contribution to the cost of the room

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