If you would like to explore Meditation and Buddhism further then we’d very much like to help you. Below you will find details of some resources that may be of help:

Keeping in Touch

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Online Videos and Live Meditation Sessions

You are welcome to join us live on YouTube or watch our meditation videos at a time to suit yourself. Details below. Follow this link to find us on YouTube Live 

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Got questions? Need to talk to someone about your practice?

Email us anytime at There is also usually someone who will be able to talk to you before any of our classes (just arrive in good time – we are always around 30 minutes before the starting time).

Resource List

You can find videos of our meditations on Facebook  and    YouTube:

Below are some websites which you may find useful: – our own website with details of who we are, what we teach and a full calendar of events – website for the Triratna Movement as a whole. Contains a wealth of news and information on Triratna practice and activities, our history etc. – Triratna meditation website bursting with tips and information about practicing plus articles and blogs – The place to find a hundreds of talks and study material on all aspects of Dharma practice. Free. Includes many talks by our founder, Sangharakshita

http://www.videosangha.netPhotos and videos about the Triratna Movement and our practice plus video talks. Free to view. Also, if you would like answers to specific questions about Buddhism just click on the ‘Questions’ tab. – home of the Triratna video and image archives. This organisation also  works with schools. There are some helpful videos in the section called ‘Ask a Buddhist’ – the publishing arm of the Triratna Community – books for beginners and experienced practitioners alike – Our founder’s personal website with information about him and lots of books to download for free. – Not actually part of our movement but this is an excellent site if you want to explore the historical Buddha’s teachings as passed down in the Pali Canon (in English!)

Social Media

Facebook: We’d love you to join our Facebook page – just go to Facebook.Com/triratnayork

Suggested Reading

Wildmind: a step-by-step guide to meditation by Bodhipaksha – a lucid and comprehensive guide to all our main meditation practices

Life With Full Attention, a Practical Course in Mindfulness by Maitreyabandhu – an eight week course in Mindfulness with exercises.

Introducing Buddhism by Chris Pauling – a lively and engaging guide for Westerners who want to learn more about Buddhism as a path of spiritual growth.

Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life by Vajragupta – the perfect Dharma guide for those seeking a meaningful spiritual path whilst leading busy, modern lives. Very comprehensive and accessible

Sailing the Worldly Winds a Buddhist Way Through the Ups and Downs of Life by Vajragupta – a very readable little book dealing with our little (and large) cravings and aversions in life. All the things that ultimately make us unhappy.

Keeping York Buddhist Group Going…Through Generosity…

We operate on a ‘take what you need, give what you can’ basis so we don’t charge for classes as such, however we do need to buy equipment, tea and coffee and pay a weekly room rental so we ask those who are able, to donate as generously as they can.

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You can also join us live on YouTube or watch our meditation videos at a time to suit yourself . Details below. Follow this link to find us on YouTube Live 



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